Fireside Tabaq box

Tang Band W4-1337SDF


A blend of Tabaq M4

Made using finest Danish DIY blends

and the Tang Band W4-1337SDF


The Tabaq design, introduced by Danish Sound designer Bjørn Johannesen (B.J.) (see his site here) , is a clever concept, introduced by another great speaker designer, Martin J King, who modelled the box mathematically.

The idea is to build a transmission line, but with an acoustic load at the end. This will have the effect of achieving lower frequencies with the same dimensions. The other nice effect is that the frequency roll-off is much smoother than a more traditional bass-reflex design. The concept is more than 14 years old now, you can still follow all the progression of the concepts in the corresponding diyAudio forum (Link to the article). (first article was posted on October 22th, 2006 !)

Originally the design was made for 3″ drivers. Most variants use the same box dimensions with a 4″ driver. There is a larger version designed by B.J. for 5″ drivers.

However what sparkled my interest is that in a discussion inside one of the many pages of the thread, B.J. mentioned a new simulation he made with dimensions better tailored to a 4″ driver. This was something I had to try !

So I made plans with the new suggestions, and built the boxes. Here is how the box looks (with a semi-glossy finish ; the nice color was chosen by my daughter, because it is her birthday present) :

Click on the links below to read about the plans, the building, the measurements and the listening :

The plans

Building the boxes


Listening to the result

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